Improves Respiratory Conditions

See, smell and breathe the difference.

Improves Respiratory Conditions & protects you & your family 24/7

VOC Exposure:

Indoor environments expose us to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These come from everyday items like paint, cleaners, and adhesives.

Formaldehyde Presence:

Formaldehyde, an odourless but strong-smelling and harmful chemical, is common indoors due to building materials. It continuously affects our respiratory systems and can lead to health issues.

Odour Solutions Worsen Air:

Ironically, the products we use to combat odours, such as masking sprays, actually contribute to poor air quality indoors.

Greentech Solution:

Greentech offers a 24/7 system to address these indoor air quality problems, providing benefits for our customers.

99.98% reduction in VOC’s

Our Collection

Air Purifiers

Recommended Room Size1,375 ft. sq.
Dimensions11.3″ x 11.3″ x 24.0″
Active CADR530 CFM
Recommended Room Size3,000 Sq Ft
Dimensions16.54” x 13.39” x 11.62” 
Active CADRup to 1,200 CFM