We Believe in Lab and Real World Testing


We test in EPA-certified testing chambers as well as in many tough “real world” environments, because real results are what we’re all about.

The most effective
Air Purifiers on the market

Proven by science

Greentech continues to grow in new areas. Greentech Filters+ with ODOGard® are the only filters that destroy odours at the molecular level and are now available for both commercial and residential use. 

“The industry has never seen anything like this”

Keith Roe – Advance IAQ Solutions

The Test Results

  • Covid – 99% Laboratory
  • Surface Sanitation – 86.5% Real World
  • MRSA – 94% Real World
  • VOC’s* – 95% Laboratory
    *Volatile organic compounds
  • Mould Spores – 99.9% Laboratory
  • Respirable Particulates – 99.9%
  • Real World Odour – 91% Real World

How our award-winning Active HEPA+ technology works

Competitors Passive Technology

Traditional Air Purifiers use Passive technology in which the air containments are drawn into purifier. This has limited impact as some of the air containments are too small to be captured and filtered.

Greentech Active HEPA+ Technology

Greentech AIr Purifiers use a dual prong attack, as well as using passive technology it also uses ACTIVE HEPA+ a unique photocatalytic oxidation process uses UV light to turn moisture into molecules. These molecules are released from the purifier to hunt down and destroy air contaminants in every corner of your room, on both the surface and in the air.

Why Choose Us

Eliminates 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2*

*Laboratory tests prove to inactivate over 99.98% of SARS-CoV2 in the air within ten air exchanges in a controlled environment.

No Odors

Our HEPA filter traps the odor as it passes through and then ODOGard® bonds to the odor, removing the smell for good.

No Ozone

Active HEPA+ uses a combination of technologies that eliminate odors and more without the need for ozone.

No Worries

We’re so confident in Active HEPA+ that we’ve given it an industry best 10-Year Warranty, so you can rest easy.

Test Results

Active HEPA+

Active HEPA +

Test Location: MRIGlobal

  • Product : Active HEPA+
  • Technologies: PCO/BPI/HEPA/ODOGard
  • Test time: 3:20 minutes
  • Air exchange equivalent: 10
  • Test space: Class III Biosafety Cabinet, 2.5×3.5×1.5 ft
  • Test location: MRIGlobal

Lab Test: Aerosol Deactivation of SARS-CoV-2

Results : 99.98% inactivation of SARS-CoV-2

These tests conclude that the Active HEPA+ is highly effective at reducing the infectivity of aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 virus with a 3.63 log (99.98%) reduction within three (3) minutes and twenty (20) seconds of operation in relation to baseline control results.

These results also show that HEPA+ had a reduction in aerosol mass and median size within the three (3) minutes and twenty (20) seconds of operation, with a mass removal of approximately 2 logs.

While particle mass reductions of only 2 logs were observed, Active HEPA+ demonstrated viral infectivity reductions greater than 3.5 logs, which supports the hypotheses that both active and passive technologies contribute to overall product efficacy.

Active HEPA +

Test Location: Extended Care Double Occupancy Room

  • Product : Active HEPA+
  • Technologies: PCO/BPI/HEPA/ODOGard
  • Test time: 14 days total – real time measure
  • Test space: 12’x22’x8’ double occupancy room
  • Test administrator: IAQS

RESULTS: >99.9% Reduction TVOC & PM

“The initial odor level was very significant and somewhat unpleasant even when wearing a mask. I was no longer able to smell the odors through the mask by the day 3 visit. On every subsequent visit, the smell in the room would be described as typical and no longer extreme or offensive – even without my mask.” – Keith Roe, IAQS

Both qualitatively and quantitatively, there was a measurable and sustained reduction of odor and TVOC levels when the unit was functioning in comparison to the initial levels found inside the room.

When reviewing the data, it should be noted that the unit was inadvertently turned off on day 4, causing numbers to rise. Once the unit was turned back on, levels of TVOC and PM dropped again, demonstrating the Active HEPA+’s contribution to improved indoor air quality.

HCHO (formaldehyde)Airborne67.00%
PM 2.5/10 and RPCAirborne>99.90%

Active HEPA + Pro

Test Location: Extended Care Single Occupancy Room

  • Product : Active HEPA+ Pro
  • Technologies: PCO/BPI/HEPA/ODOGard
  • Test time: 5 days total – measured in real time
  • Test space: 300 sq.ft. single occupancy room
  • Test administrator: IAQS

RESULTS: >99.9% RPC & Odor Intensity

“The indoor air quality of Room 208 was reported to be heavily laden with untypical levels of odors, volatile organic compounds (TVOC), formaldehyde (HCHO), PM 2.5 (particle mass) and RPC (respirable particles between .3 and 10.0 microns).  After operation of the Greentech HEPA+ Pro unit, these levels were quickly decreased and were sustained at lower levels more consistent within current Guidelines and Standards.”

– Keith Roe, IAQS

Odor IntensityAirborne>99.90%
HCHO (fomaldehyde)Airborne>71.00%
PM 2.5Airborne>50.00%
PM 10Airborne>68.00%
Respirable Particle CountsAirborne>99.90%