Protecting your staff & your customers

Reduce staff sickness and increase productivity

Greentech’s unique ACTIVE HEPA+ technology uses UV light to turn moisture into molecules that are released to hunt & destroy air contaminants.

Clinically proven to be the most effective Air Purifiers on the market

Greentech’s award-winning air purification systems are designed to free your business from viruses helping to reduce staff sickness and increase well-being and productivity. Covering up to 3000ft² it removes nasty odours, prevents mould spores and improves allergies and respiratory conditions like Asthma.


Eliminates viruses such as Covid-19, MRSA and Infulenza both airborne and on surfaces

Reduce staff sickness

The average UK company lost 133 days in 2022 to staff sickness. Eliminating viruses can reduce these numbers & save your business money.

Odourless Environment

Guarenteeing complete protection against odours through non-toxic, bio-degradable filtration technology

Increase Productivity

Studies by Harvard University have shown good air quality can have a significant impact on concentration & productivity.

Because there’s no “one-solution-fits-all” for indoor air purification, Greentech offers a complete line of commercial products to fit all air purification challenges.

Greentech creates indoor air solutions across many tough environments

Industry Partners

We are excited to work alongside other industry professionals in an effort to create healthier indoor environments for all to enjoy.