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Air filtration Technology

Not all filters are created equally.

The Existing Problem

Previously, there have been three commonly used ways to manage odors.


Odours are caught in a carbon or other type of filter.

Problem: Odours will eventually escape the filter.


Odours are encapsulated within a chemical.

Problem: Odors will eventually escape the chemical.


Odors are masked by a spray or other scent.

Problem: Scents fade and add new VOC’s into the space.

Now there is a NEW way to eliminate odours.


ODOGard® seeks out odour molecules, relentlessly chasing them down until they reach the odour.


ODOGard® bonds to the odour molecule itself and changes the molecular structure, eliminating the odour forever like it was never there.

Our H-13 HEPA and MERV-16 filters are the only filters with the revolutionary, patented ODOGard® coating that eliminates odours at the molecular level, making it impossible for the odour to survive. Even the toughest, seemingly permanent odours don’t stand a chance against ODOGard.

Unlike heavy and expensive carbon filters, our filters maximize airflow without making the unit work harder while trapping particulates as small as .03 microns. Pollen and other allergens, mould, dust, pet dander, bacteria and viruses are trapped and won’t return to the airspace, so you can breathe fresh, clean, odourless air.