Office and Workspaces

Indoor air can be filled with 10x more pollutants than we breathe outside, and if you have an indoor air problem, you have a business problem. That’s because workers perform up to 61% better on cognitive tasks when indoor air quality is good. That’s why Greentech’s unique combination of technologies work together 24/7 to quickly reduce airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens such as pollen and pet dander, and odors caused by mold, bacterial and other pollutants.

Combining Technologies for Cleaner Environments

Greentech’s proven active technologies of Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) and Bipolar Ionization (BPI), which inactivate pathogens and odours at the source, combined with ODOGard®-coated HEPA filtration give you a purifier unlike any other. It’s continuously cleaning your space, removing pollutants and destroying odours from the air and surfaces, 24/7, including the virus that causes COVID-19.

Key Employer Benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 and similar epidemics
  • Create a cleaner environment by reducing VOCs, allergens and other irritants, improving comfort for employees and clientele
  • Improved indoor air quality has been shown to improve cognitive performance and productivity


The new standard in air purification is the innovative Active HEPA+, utilizing a powerful fusion of active and passive technologies. Backed by an 3-year warranty, it’s the ideal solution for fast and continuous odor remediation in long-term care facilities. And it’s proven to inactivate 99.98% of the virus that causes Covid-19, something important to all of us these days.

  • The only purifiers to combine both active and passive air purification technologies.
  • ODOGard® treated HEPA filtration for quick odor remediation of odors caused by mold, bacteria and other pollutants.
  • Reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) allergens, such as pollen and pet dander.
  • Proven to inactivate the virus that causes Covid-19 from the air.

*Laboratory tests prove to inactivate over 99.98% of SARS-CoV2 in the air within ten air exchanges in a controlled environment.