Removes Odours

See, smell and breathe the difference.

Eliminates odours in your indoor environment, protecting 24/7

Odour Control:

Every household deals with odours, whether from external or internal sources. At Greentech, we’ve partnered with Rem Brands Inc. to offer a comprehensive solution for your indoor environment.

Superior Performance:

Unlike typical filters that merely absorb odours and become saturated over time, compromising their effectiveness, our filters maintain their performance.

High-Quality Filters:

We use the highest standard of High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, known for their effectiveness.

Proven Results:

Our real-life testing conducted in  environments like nursing homes and commercial offices demonstrated an impressive 99.90% reduction in odour intensity in just 5 days.

ODOGard Technology:

What sets us apart is our innovative approach. We coat our HEPA filters with ODOGard, cutting-edge technology that instantly eliminates odour molecules upon contact.

Eliminates 91% of Odours

Our Collection

Air Purifiers

Recommended Room Size1,375 ft. sq.
Dimensions11.3″ x 11.3″ x 24.0″
Active CADR530 CFM
Recommended Room Size3,000 Sq Ft
Dimensions16.54” x 13.39” x 11.62” 
Active CADRup to 1,200 CFM