NEW pureAir SOLO – Convenient & Wearable Purifier



Improves Respiratory Conditions

Mould Accumulation

Reduces Allergies & Improves Asthma

NEW pureAir SOLO – Convenient & Wearable Purifier

pureAir SOLO: The Wearable Air Purifier Revolution

Breathe Freely, Everywhere You Go Discover the magic of GreenTech Europe’s pureAir SOLO. Fashioned as a portable necklace, this mini air purifier promises you clean air, ensuring you’re always enveloped in a 3 ft. clean-air oasis. Key Features:
  • Personal Air Sanctuary: Combat pet allergens, strong perfumes, and pollutants effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Mask Efficiency: When combined with face masks, experience an electrostatic shield, pushing away fine particles efficiently.
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life: Over 24 hours of continuous purification. Recharge swiftly with the included USB cable.

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pureAir SOLO by GreenTech Europe: Your Personal Air Oasis

In today’s dynamic world, the quest for fresh air is unending. Enter pureAir SOLO, GreenTech Europe’s most advanced wearable air purifier that’s changing the way Europe breathes.

Unparalleled Portable Air Purification

Every facet of the pureAir SOLO is designed with the modern user in mind. It stands as the epitome of portable air purifier technology. Designed as a convenient air purifier necklace, it ensures that wherever you go, clean air follows.

Every Breath, Personalised

This isn’t just another air gadget; the pureAir SOLO is your personal air sanctuary. It’s the personal air purifier that ensures every breath you take is free from common pollutants like pet allergens, harsh perfumes, and more. Its effective range ensures a 3 ft. zone of pure, breathable space.

Maximising Mask Efficiency

Face masks are a common sight, but when combined with the pureAir SOLO, you’re elevating your protection. This synergy creates an “electrostatic shield” that repels fine particles, adding an extra layer of defense when used as an air purifier mask.

Compact Yet Powerful

Despite its mini air purifier stature, the pureAir SOLO packs a punch:

  • Battery Brilliance: Over 24 hours of purification on a single charge. Recharging is a breeze with the included USB cable.
  • Ion-Intensive Technology: With its solid platinum emitter and gold-plated stainless steel collectors, it stands out as a formidable wearable ionizer, producing a robust ion density.

A Multitude of Applications

The pureAir SOLO is versatile. Perfect as a wearable air cleaner for:

  • Commutes and international travels
  • Office environments
  • Social events
  • Gardening ventures
  • Educational settings … And virtually anywhere you’d need a wearable air filter.

Safety First

Though the pureAir SOLO is designed to elevate the quality of the air you breathe, it should be used in tandem with other protective measures. It’s a supplemental device, enhancing safety but not replacing recommended practices.

What Do Users Say?

Looking for pureAir solo reviews? Our testimonials section showcases countless satisfied users who’ve experienced the magic of cleaner, fresher air.

More Than Just Fresh Air

The pureAir SOLO isn’t just another product; it’s a lifestyle choice. With GreenTech Europe’s seal of quality and commitment, this device is a testament to innovation. Dive into the future of air purification and make every breath a pure one.

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