Replacement Mesh Electrostatic Rear Filter for pureAir 3000



Improves Respiratory Conditions

Mould Accumulation

Reduces Allergies & Improves Asthma

Replacement Mesh Electrostatic Rear Filter for pureAir 3000

This Replacement Mesh Electrostatic Rear Filter is compatible with pureAir 3000 and GT3000 whole-home air purifiers. You may use clean water or compressed air to clean your filter assembly once it has been disassembled. After disassembling your purifier, the three filters (mesh, foam, and honeycomb) should be removed and cleaned separately. If using water, allow the filters to dry separately before reassembly. When reassembling, the honeycomb filter goes in first, then the foam filter, and finally the mesh filter. Lastly, reattach the rim to the filter assembly. —

When to Replace

The mesh rear filter should be replaced when it appears worn.

When to Clean

The filter assembly should be cleaned every 30 days to ensure optimum performance from your machine as well as to ensure the interior of your machine is protected.

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